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Product Description

yuwell sphygmomanometer:

yuwell sphygmomanometer(Home) is a manually-operated desk (tabletop) mercury sphygmomanometer. Measurements are taken from the upper arm, and this machine for self-measurement and home use.

This product is small and portable.

Device Name:(Sphygmomanometer Home)
Manufacturer:Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment and Supply Co. Ltd. (Yuwell), Yunyang Industrial Park, Danyang, Jiangsu 212300, CHINA.
Measuring functions: Blood pressure
Primary Client Use: Intended for self-measurement and home use
Measurement Site: Upper Arm
Measurement Occurrence: Single measurements only

How to get:

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Blood Pressure:

Furthermore, Blood pressure is the pressure of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels. Most of this pressure results from the heart pumping blood through the circulatory system. When used without qualification, “blood pressure” refers to the pressure in the large arteries.

Method to operate:

Finally, It is user-friendly and easy to use at home or in clinics. Adjust its cuff on the arm and feel the pulse; where you find the pulse, place stethoscope at that point and start in in-flat and observe the systolic blood pressure.

At this time,  release the knob and deflate the tube by reducing the air pressure from the kuff, and hence,  try to read the diastolic blood pressure.