Ventek 10 mg Tablets | Montelukast Sodium

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Brand:  SEARLE

Product Name: Vntek 10 mg

Product Form: Tablets

Active Ingredient / Generic Name: Montelukast Sodium

Pack Size: Pack of 14 Tablets

MRP. Rs. 419/-

Product Description

Ventek 10 mg Tablets

Prescribe Ventek 10 mg Tablets (Montelukast) to prevent symptoms of Asthma. If you’re suffering from mild asthma, this medication can help keep it from getting worse. Furthermore, you can use it, to relieve sudden attacks of asthma also.

You can use Montelukast to keep your airways open.

Antagonizing the action of leukotriene receptors is what this medication does.

Brand:  SEARLE

Product Name: Ventek 10 mg

Product Form:Tablets

Active Ingredient / Generic Name: Montelukast Sodium

Pack: Pack of 14 Tablets

MRP. Rs. 419/-

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  • Prophylaxis of Asthima
  • Treats Chronic asthma
  • Symptomatic relief of allergic rhinitis

Hence, To treat and prevent the symptoms of asthma, people take Montelukast (such as wheezing and shortness of breath). Pre-exercise, You can use it to prevent breathing difficulties during exercise (bronchospasm). Don’t Use it as a quick-relief inhaler frequently.

Side Effects:

It must be noted that all medication have their side effects but clearly, they are very rare. so far as try to stick to doctors advice.

  • Some instances of, agitation, hostility, restlessness, or annoyance;
  • In addition to symptoms of depression, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating or paying attention;
  • Along with other symptoms, stumble, tremble, and jerk your muscles out of control.
  • Occasionally, suicidal ideation or behavior;
  • Whereas, insomnia, hallucinations, and sleepwalking are some of the symptoms of a sleep disorder.
  • Even so, behaviors that are compelled or habitual.


Always, consult your doctor before increasing or decreasing the dosage or discontinuing the use of this medication without their permission.