TobraDex Eye Drops | Tobramycin | Uses


Brand: Novartis
Product Category: Opthalmic Solution 
Generic Name: Dexamethasone + Tobramycin
Pack Size: Bottle of 5ml

Product Description

TobraDex Eye Drops | Tobramycin | Uses | Dexamethasone

Apply TobraDex Eye Drops topically to the eye to treat bacterial infections, inflammation, and corneal injuries on the eye’s surface. Your doctor will have evaluated your eye(s) to ensure that such Eye Drops is the appropriate medication for you to take before they decide to write you a prescription for them.

Brand: Novartis
Product Category: Antibiotics/Corticosteroids, Ophthalmic
Generic Name: Dexamethasone + Tobramycin
Pack Size: Bottle of 5ml
Retail Price: 599.78 PKR


Side Effects of TobraDex Drops:

The following are some of the more common adverse effects:

  • Redness,
  • pain,
  • burning,
  • stinging,
  • irritation,
  • itching of the eyes;
  • itching or swelling of the eyelids;
  • impaired vision;
  • sensitivity to light so

above all are all symptomsof allergic reactions.

Dosage of TobraDex Eye Drops:

Hence, At regular intervals of four to six hours, one or two drops of ophthalmic should be injected into each eye’s conjunctival sac(s). It is possible to increase the dosage to one or two drops every two (2) hours throughout the first 24 to 48 hours of treatment. During therapy with this , you should not use any additional eye drops or drugs unless specifically ordered to do so by your doctor.

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