Progermila Oral Suspension | Bacillus Clausii


Brand: Genetics
Acive Ingredient: Bacillus Clausii
Packing: Pack of 20 Ampoules

Product Description

Progermila Oral Suspension | Bacillus Clausii

Progermila Oral Suspension regulates changes in gut flora. Bacillus clausii spores help to cure vitamin deficiencies caused by diarrhoea or antibiotic or chemotherapy treatments by restoring the balance of intestinal flora (i.e., the imbalance in the production and assimilation of vitamins).

Brand: Genetics
Acive Ingredient: Bacillus Clausii
Packing: Pack of 20 Ampoules
Price in Pakistan: 2000.00 PKR

How to get it Online?

Surely, you can avail it by logging onto or DM/Whatsapp on +923005080963.

How to take and use the Progermila?

Progermila drug comes in a tube that can be put directly in the mouth. Adults usually take between 2 and 3 ampoules per day, while children take between 1 and 2 ampoules per day. If the patient’s condition is horrible or they can’t absorb the drug well, this dose may need to be changed.
After a person takes the drug, the ingredients in the medicine will protect the stomach and digestive system. They change into good bacteria cells that fight against harmful bacteria. Also, the drug makes it easier for the body to make vitamin B, which helps the body’s resistance. This is a way to improve the health of people taking antibiotics for the first time or undergoing chemotherapy.

Mode of Action of Progermila?

Progermila probiotics make the body more good bacteria, which protects the digestive system. This drug is not on the list of those needing a prescription so that it can improve gut health.



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