Meiji FM-T | Infant Formula

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Brand: Meiji
Product Category: Infant Formula
Pack Size: 400 g

Product Description

Meiji FM-T | Infant Formula

Meiji FM-T Milk Powder 400 g contains phospholipids, which aid in the production of DHA in the body. It also contains nucleotides, found in mothers’ milk and thought to improve the immune system.

Brand: Meiji
Product Category: Infant Formula
Pack Size: 400 g
Retail Price: 2030.00 PKR

How to get it?

Obviously!  You can buy online through our website or call us at +923005080963.

Precautions for usage of Meiji FMT:

  • According to the feeding chart, dissolve it in cooled boiling water.
  • Stir thoroughly to include all of the powder.
  • Feed  milk to your baby with caution.


Always Store in a cool and dark place. Keep ot of reach of children.

Instructions for usage of Meiji FM-T:

  • Do not prepare or heat the milk in a microwave oven.
  • Follow the instructions on the package for milk preparation; otherwise, it might damage the baby’s health.
  • Please do not reuse the processed milk and prevent stockpiling it for later use.


  • Use just the spoon that came with the product.
  • Prior to making milk, sterilise all of the utensils that will be used.
    Use just boiling water.
  • Before administering it to the baby, bring the temperature down to body temperature.