Combinol H Plus Syrup | IVY Leaf with Thyme & Licorice

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Brand: ATCO
Product Category: Cough Syrup 
Generic Name: IVY LEAF EXTRACT  with Thyme & Licorice


Product Description

Combinol H Plus Syrup

Combinol H Plus Syrup Ivy leaf’s anti-inflammatory properties make it as effective as ambroxol’s medicine in treating chronic bronchitis. More. Some people find relief from bronchitis symptoms by using anti-inflammatory herbs. These plants, also known as demulcents, typically contain complex polysaccharides and have a calming effect.

Brand: ATCO
Product Category: Adult Cough Syrup 
Generic Name: IVY LEAF EXTRACT  with Thyme & Licorice
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The German Commission E has given ivy leaf as an expectorant the green light for treating chronic inflammatory bronchial diseases and productive coughs. Ivy leaf was equally beneficial as the medicine ambroxol in a single, randomized, double-blind human experiment for relieving the symptoms of chronic bronchitis.

Do any adverse effects occur when taking ivy leaf medications?

It is unclear how often people experience adverse reactions to ivy leaf treatments, such as stomach and gut issues, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and allergic reactions like hives, skin rash, and trouble breathing.

Suitability of ivy extract for the treatment of pediatric cough

Obviously, ivy leaf extract in the form of syrup and of cough drops was confirmed as an effective and safe treatment of cough in children