Viptin Met 50/500 Tablets | vidagliption+metformin

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Generic:  ( Active Ingredients): vildagliptin + metformin

Brand: Sami Pharmaceuticals.

Product Description

Viptin Met 50/500 Tablets

The medication Viptin Met 50/500 Tablets is used to treat type 2 diabetes. This substance is an amalgam of two different medications. These help prevent problems that type 2 diabetes might bring, such as kidney disease, heart problems, and limb loss.

Generic Name:  ( Active Ingredients): vildagliptin + metformin

Brand: Sami Pharmaceuticals.



Medication should be used once daily by adults (18 years of age and older).


Tablets should also be taken once a day by youngsters (10 to 17 years old).

It is not advised to give youngsters Viptin Met 50+500mg (9 or younger). Children do not respond well to Viptin Met 50/1000 Tablets (9 or younger).

Please get in touch with your doctor,  if you have any questions regarding Viptin Met 50+500mg.

Side Effects:

Side effects are common, although they do occur with any product that has an active substance.

Adverse effects include:
  • General weakness
  • diarrhea
  • gas
Serious negative consequences include:
  • abdomen ache
  • Low Blood Level
The warnings::

Consult your doctor before using it, if you have a Viptin Met allergy.
Before utilizing Vthe medication, discuss with your doctor the complete list of all medications (allopathic and natural).
If you are expecting or nursing a baby, speak with your doctor before using the product.
If you have liver or renal problems, avoid using Viptin Met 50+1000mg without first consulting a doctor.