Reteric 100mg Capsules | Pregabalin | Uses

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Brand: HIGH-Q

Generic Name: Pregabalin

Drug Strength: 150mg

Pack Size: 2 strips of 7 capsules.

Retail Price: 446.46/- 

Product Description

Reteric 100mg Capsules

Hence, Reteric 100mg Capsules are useful in treating neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and partial-onset seizures. We can combine it with other drugs to treat various types of seizures. Pregabalin, its active ingredient, is an anticonvulsant medication also.

Brand: HIGH-Q

Generic Name: Pregabalin

Drug Strength: 100mg

Pack Size: 2 strips of 7 capsules.

Retail Price: 392.03/- 

How to get it?

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How is it effective?

50mg Gabica Capsule aids in the control, prevention, and improvement of the following diseases, ailments, and symptoms: fibromyalgia, partial-onset seizures, and neuropathic pain produced by injured nerves caused by diabetes shingles, or spinal cord injury. It works by soothing the nerves in your body that are injured or overactive, causing pain or seizures.

What are the possible adverse effects and precautions when taking Pregabalin 150mg Capsules?

Side effects are possible with any product containing an active substance, albeit uncommon.

Possible side effects include:
  • Dizziness.
  • Sleepiness.
  • I’m having difficulty concentrating.
  • Vision is hazy.
  • The mouth is parched.
  • Gaining weight.
  • Swelling of the hands or feet


  • Adults (aged 18 and over) should take a 50mg capsule three times each day.
  • This drug has not been studied in children (ages 0 to 17 years) for this issue. It is ineffective for people under the age of 18.