Progynova 2mg Tablets |Estradiol Valerate


Brand: Bayer
Active Ingredient: Estradiol Valerate
Pack SIze: Pack of 21 Tablets.

Product Description

Progynova 2mg Tablets| Estradiol Valerate

Progynova 2mg Tablets is a sex hormone for women (estrogen). This is a form of hormone replacement treatment (HRT) used to treat menopausal symptoms (hot flushes, vaginal dryness, and itching), oestrogen insufficiency, and bone weakening (osteoporosis)

PROGYNOVA 2MG contains Estradiol, an Estrogen derivative. It is a type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). As you become older, your ovaries generate fewer hormones and eventually stop producing them after menopause. It can be utilised in both perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. The amount of oestrogen generated by a woman’s body decreases throughout menopause. It can result in symptoms including a heated face, neck, and chest (“hot flushes”). This medication aids in the relief of various symptoms following menopause. Some women may acquire brittle bones after menopause (osteoporosis). If you have osteoporosis and are at a higher risk of fractures, and other medications are ineffective for you, you can use them After menopause; use it to prevent osteoporosis.

Brand: Bayer
Active Ingredient: Estradiol Valerate
Pack SIze: Pack of 21 Tablets.
Retail Price: 300.00 PKR

Dosage of Progynova 2mg Tablets:

Take Progynova 2MG tablets at the dose and frequency recommended by your doctor. Do not crush or chew the drug; instead, swallow it whole. It is safe to take with or without food. This drug is intended to treat the symptoms arising after menopause and prevents osteoporosis. It is for use in postmenopausal women exclusively. Swollen breasts, headaches, and nausea are common adverse effects. If you have liver, kidney, or cardiac problems, consult your doctor before usage. Avoid advising adolescents or youngsters.

Mode of Action of Progynova 2mg Tablets:

It works on the oestrogen receptors to treat vasomotor (hot flashes) and urogenital symptoms. It also helps to prevent osteoporosis.



  • Reactions to allergens
  • Migraine, extreme headaches, or stroke symptoms
  • Skin or eye discolouration


  • Headache
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach ache
  • Breasts that are tender,
  • uncomfortable,






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