ORLIS Capsules | Orlistat

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Pack Size: Pack of 30 Capsules

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ORLIS Capsules | Orlistat

ORLIS Capsules (Orlistat) 120 mg is found in Orlis capsules, which come in blister packs of 30 capsules. To effectively treat obesity, orlistat prevents the body from absorbing fats from food, which lowers calorie intake.

Each Capsule contains orlistat …………….120 mg.


Pack Size: Pack of 30 Capsules

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Uses of ORLIS Capsules:

Orlis (Orlistat) 120mg Capsule is utilized to oversee corpulence or decrease weight. It is utilized in combination with working out, changing the way of life, and reduced-calorie count calories programs to assist you to lose weight. This pharmaceutical is utilized by individuals who are overweight or obese.

Side Effects of ORLIS Capsules:

Following are Side Effects Associated with Using Orlis:
    • Abdominal Pain
    • Gas (flatulence) with discharge.
      Fatty/oily stools.
    • Increased defecation.
    •  Hence Increased bowel movements.
    •  Then Urgent bowel movements.
    • also Yellowish color of eyes.
    • also Loose stools.
    • So Clay-colored stools.
    • Some instances of Diarrhea .

Warnings regarding Orlis:
  • Don’t utilize Orlis 120mg Capsule without the doctor’s consent.
  •  If you have got sensitivity from fixingsat that point educate your doctor.
  • Share the list of all products (including allopathic and homegrowntogether with your doctor.
  •  Use Orlis 120mg Capsule as long as your specialist endorses it.
  •  Never alter the measurement of Orlis 120mg Capsule without the endorsement of the drug specialist or your doctor.
  •  Do not take Vitamins supplement for 2 hours after taking Orlis.
  • Consult your specialist sometime recently utilizing Orlis 120mg Capsule on the off chance that you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.



  •  Hypersensitivity
  •  Chronic
  •  malabsorption syndrome Cholestasis.

Pregnancy and Lactation:

  •  It isn’t known on the off chance that orlistat is disseminated in breast milk. Orlistat isn’t prescribed for utilization whereas breastfeeding.
  • So, The dangers included exceeding the potential benefits. More secure options exist. Weight misfortune offers no potential advantage to a pregnant lady and may result in fetal hurt. The least weight picks up, and no weight misfortune is as of now suggested for all pregnant ladiescounting those who are as of now overweight.
  • Hence, Avoid using during pregnancy.